Features Of SMS Integrator

  • Cross-Interface Compatibility
  • SMS-Integrator is compatible with the latest popular desktop browser such as Chrome 11, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and Internet Explorer 9. SMS-Integrator can be accessed using your Smartphone having operating systems such as Android 2.3 +, Blackberry OS 6.0+, Windows Phone OS 7, iPhone iOS 5. SMS-Integrator is compatible even with Apple iTab and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • Web Based Bulk SMS Software
  • Web based Bulk SMS Software empowers the users with On Go Accessibility, High Availability, High Quality, Instant Delivery and User Friendly Bulk SMSServices which takes the user experience to a new level.

  • All India GSM & CDMA coverage
  • You can send single or bulk SMS to virtually any mobile number in India.

  • Manage 1000's of Contacts & Groups
  • Manage unlimited contacts & create groups to categorize contacts. Import contacts [with number and country-code] from Excel, text or CSV files.Export contact list for future reference.

  • Manage Templates
  • Support templates;you can save message as template for future messaging. This gives the advantage of composing SMS fast and accurate.

  • Manage Folders
  • Create unlimited folders to manage SMS; you can move SMS from one folder to another to segregate them as useful or important SMS.

  • Multilingual Messaging
  • Currently you can send & save the SMS in English, Hindi, Marathi language and eventually other regional languages.

  • Seamless Messaging
  • Send Single / Multiple SMS to individual or to the group, Schedule SMS, Send Flash SMS, send more than 160 characters at a timeSMS (160 characters per SMS credit) gives you total functionality of messaging.

  • Personalized Messaging
  • Send bulk SMS by providing personal touch to each SMS by including sender name, number, city or any specific information.Send personalized SMS by importing data [with number and country-code] from Excel, text or CSV files.

  • Secure & Fast
  • All messages & contacts are encrypted; secure network & password protected access to the user makes system secure and robust. Compose and send upto 5000 SMS per minute; templates; quick delivery notification and online delivery status report gives system performance advantage.

  • Own Branding
  • SMS can be sent with your own branding name or company name. As per government norms (TRAI) Sender ID (Header of SMS) is get activated as per their business category list and then SMS would be sent with your own branding. Default sender id is numeric.

  • SMS Scheduling
  • To send SMS on specific future date or time you can schedule SMS. This facility gives edge to compose SMS prior to event.You can also reschedule or delete scheduled SMS. accounts, ERPetc. by integrating our HTTP API.

How Our SMS API Portal Works…

API integration is a simple approach used by millions of organisations daily, on a global scale. It’s designed to help improve business efficiencies and communication workflow.

We make sending bulk SMS easy, by letting you connect your internal software or CRM directly into the SMSGlobal SMS gateway using one of our off-the-shelf API’s. Connecting via an API lets you send SMS messages as you would within our MXT platform, but from the comfort from your own software. Following the successful delivery of your message a receipt will be forwarded onto you. From start to finish this process happens in matter of seconds, saving you considerable time and resources in the process.

All SMSGlobal accounts include a dynamic API Key system, allowing you to quickly and easily create and edit new user credentials to send via our suite of API’s. If your software is already mobile messaging compatible, simply retrieve your SMSGlobal API Key from inside your account and insert it into your software to start sending. If you’re a developer looking to add SMS functionality to a new software or application you’re working on, feel free to browse our API documentation and code samples.

The Power of API Integration

Our flexible suite of SMS API’s provide wide-ranging business benefits, allowing you to modernise your communication processes and automate customer interactions by adding text messaging to your daily workflow.

  • Integration
  • Use SMSGlobal’s innovative API Key system to quickly and easily create and edit new user credentials for sending via your preferred API.

  • Automation
  • Directly communicate with your customers from inside your internal software. Save valuable time and resources by creating an automated mobile messaging workflow to handle inbound and outbound client interactions.

  • Reporting
  • Delivery receipts for each individual SMS are tracked and posted back to your software, providing an audit trail that shows your application the exact time each message you send is delivered to the handset.

  • Accessibility
  • Create a dedicated account hierarchy for multiple API users in your organisations. Manage access permissions and track individual reporting for different cost centres or work sites using a single SMSGlobal account.

  • Future-Ready
  • Engage the SMSGlobal development team to add customised features or scripting to our off-the-shelf API’s. As the needs of your business change, so can the functionality of SMSGlobal.

  • Support
  • If you do run into any hurdles, require help setting up or simply need further understanding of the benefits that API integration can provide for your business, our Customer Care team is on call 24/7 to support any of your technical needs.

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