The Online Cab Booking Software system provides a professional, reliable and secure service that gives your customers the confidence to book your services. It is extremely user-friendly and the booking process completed in just a few short steps.

Immediate Fare Quotation – Online Cab Booking Software

This vital service means your customer does not need to wait for a quotation response by email. A time delay like this could result in the customer looking elsewhere for a quotation.

Transfer Bookings made Online – Online Cab Booking Software

Booking their private Cab or airport transfer online eliminates the risk of losing a customer who may not be able to connect on a busy phone line.
Though, for whatever reason, you may need to follow up with the Customer after they place their booking, making contact will be an easy step as they will have provided all their contact details on the booking form.

Payment Integration – Online Cab Booking Software

The customer can pay their fare upfront by Credit Card or Paypal. Secure payment facilities create and increase consumer confidence in your services and leads to fewer cancellations for your Cab company. A Confirmation of Booking creates both a receipt and printable itinerary for both driver and passenger.

Multi-lingual Capabilities – Online Cab Booking Software

Communicating directly to customers in their native language can be a challenge or, depending on the language skills of your Cab-drivers, an impossible reach. As the Online Cab Fare Calculator can be provided as multi-language platform, the customer can calculate the fare-cost, book their private Cab or airport transfer and receive their travel itinerary in their preferred language. Your Driver will have no concerns about trying to interpret any information related to the journey.

Don’t Keep You Customers Waiting! – Online Cab Booking Software

Or worse, don’t have them looking online to book with another firm! The majority of people around the world use the Internet as their preferred method to book Cab and airport transfer services online. Integrating the Online Fare Calculator onto your website means that your private Transfer or Cab-hire business have a solution to this growing market demand and will remain competitive within the travel related industry.
Our Cab Booking Software online calculator and reservation system is ideal for any Cab or private-hire transfer business. However, if you have a business and feel the calculator may work for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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